Meetings of Members

Venues at Wythal, Uffington & North Tuddenham



HLC meetings are informal, friendly, affairs.  Basically, they provide a forum where club members can meet, discuss, and learn about lighting and the artefacts that were involved in times past.

Currently the club meets at three venues and each has its own particular character, but overall there is a similar pattern to the day.  A typical meeting will start with “doors open” at around but because many members will have traveled some considerable distance, it is often around 10.30 before everyone – generally a total of about 30 members – arrives. 

Members are encouraged to bring items from their collections for display and the early part of the day is occupied with setting up tables around the hall.  There are usually a number of items for sale and there is always plenty to see and a great deal of friendly discussion. Frequently lamps will be lit which adds greatly to the ambience.

If possible there will then  be a short talk on an aspect of lighting  but otherwise, unless there is club business such as the AGM involved, the morning is unstructured. 

Tea, coffee, and light refreshments are available.

Lunch at Wythal and Uffington has traditionally consisted of Cornish pasties for which a modest charge is made. This is currently under review whilst new volunteers are sought. At Tuddenham a salad buffet is available.  In the afternoon, members who have brought items for display  and wish to do so, are usually invited to give a table talk on their exhibits and this is always of great interest. 

The final item on the day’s agenda consists of an auction at which club members only are permitted to bid.  The auction provides a facility for individuals to dispose of items surplus to their requirements and lots can range from parts through to complete lamps.

The day will draw to a close at around 3.30-4pm.


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