Becoming a Member


The Historic Lighting Club was founded in 1989 as a forum for the exchange of information and research into all aspects of early lighting. Members are our life blood, whether they are able to attend meetings regularly or that their living distance from the venues is such that the Midnight Oil and correspondence with fellow members is a lifeline to what is happening.

Membership entitles all the adult members (18 years and over) of a household to attend meetings, vote at meetings, stand for office, purchase books etc from the club at favourable rates and take part in the club's private auctions. Please note though that only one set of the club's publications (journal, address lists etc) will be sent to the address you provide. All applicants will be issued with an Enamel pin Badge featuring the design shown on the Headline banner of each page.
The subscription year runs from one AGM to the next (November). Members joining within the year will be sent copies of publications they have missed (where possible). Applications received late in the year may be held over by the Membership Secretary (you will still receive notification and an information book).

Application forms are available at meetings or to download on our website,  Click here.

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