Members Book Service May 2013


Books are offered at reduced prices to members only.

The club is lucky to still have some copies of "out of print" books.

The following books and reprints are available to members :-



Brandy, Ballons and Lamps. – John J Wolfe

Trading Places - Hitchcock and Wanzer Ltd

Candle Snuffers – Martyn Fry Wolton, Willowbeck.

Kerosene Burners Brands (England & Europe)


Shire books -

Discovering Oil Lamps – Cecil A Meadows, Shire books

Gas Lighting – David Gledhill, Shire books

Candle Lighting – Eveleigh, Shire books

Early Vehicle Lighting – Peter W Card, Shire books


Catalogues -

Country House Lighting - Frederic Wise

Moderator Lamps, 1854 - J. Tyler & Sons, Reprint

Pifco Lamps 1925/6 Reprint

Veritas (Oil Lamps and Fittings) 1933 Reprint

Veritas (Falk, Stadelman & Co) 1896/7 Reprint

Dietz and Company.  1860 Reprint.


New Book for 2012

Eclairage et Chauffage au Gaz d’Essence et de Petrole. 

(French catalogue of “SUCCES” lamps and cookers 1932 Reprint) 


Club magazine

Midnight Oil - recent copies



Famos Mantle Carriers.  New manufacture.


Two Copies of the above publications are brought to each HLC meeting.


Queries may be directed via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Members Only .....

The latest edit of Midnight Oil is now available online .... Click here to read






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